Breaking in the new 6wt

Terry Miller // Simi Valley, CA

It’s been over two years since my first trip to the Rocky Mountain National Park guided by Frank Drummond. The day was a huge success, not just for the great fishing, but also for the start of a friendship with Frank. The next day, while paying my bill at the Laughing Grizzle Fly Shop I noticed a bamboo rod in the rack. Having a few bamboo rods I couldn’t resist taking a closer look at the 7’9” 5 WT 3/2 with a Garrison 206E taper. The finish and traditional cosmetics were of the highest quality and it just had the right feel in my hand. The next thing I knew I was in the parking lot casting the rod and shortly thereafter adding my first Frank Drummond rod to the bill.

Of course, the real test would be how the rod fished and the next day would be test day. The rod is a pleasure to fish, having the power to push a fly to the distance needed and the sensitivity to protect light tippet while landing the fish. I became a real fan of Frank’s rods and have since ordered a 7’6” 4 WT 2/2 with a Paul Young Perfectionist taper, a 7’ 3 WT 2/2 with a Payne 97 taper and recently took delivery of an 8’ 6 WT 3/2 with a Garrison 212E taper. The 6 WT was fished in Montana (see picture above) this July on the Beaverhead and Big Hole rivers with great success, fighting the afternoon thunderstorm generated winds and rain, landing numerous fish including a 23” rainbow on a dry fly with 5X tippet.

I find when I’m packing for a fishing trip, I generally always grab Frank’s rods and the Howells, Winstons, Leonards and Powells stay home. I can highly recommend Frank’s Brush Creek Cane rods for their fishability, attention to detail and the gorgeous varnish finish. By the way Frank, when will my 7’2” 4 WT 2/2 Paul Young Driggs River Special be finished?

Harv Gates // Lyons, CO

I thought I’d let you know how much I’m enjoying that little 7′ 3″ 4/5 wt Brush Creek Cane rod of yours. This rod is one of my workhorse rods that I keep in my car and use on our streams around here in Lyons, CO and up in the Rocky Mountains behind us. It casts like a jewel, and it’s a real winner. I call it my fishing machine. On one occasion this summer I ended up using this little guy on a larger river on the western slopes of Colorado where I should have had a bigger rod on hand. I wasn’t sure I’d do some real damage to that guy given the heavier currents and larger browns. But, you know how it is when your driving along side those rivers and see some riffles and flows you simply can’t pass up. You grab what you have and wade in. Yup. The rod held up, but my waders still leak. I guess that tells you I didn’t hang into anything I could brag about, but I did pull in a couple of nice ones that put that Brush Creek to the test. ‘Gotta love that bamboo!

Monty Murty // Ligonier, PA

“A superb fishing tool beautifully made” best describes my new Brush Creek Cane fly rod.  It’s a seven foot four weight that Frank Drummond designed and handcrafted for me all the way from the plaining form to the flawless varnish job. Frank took time to understand my trout fishing passion, Rocky Mountain Front Range streams, and then built a classic looking three-piece, two tip rod that way-more than met my expectations. It presents a dry fly accurately with the authority to achieve a drag-free drift in the kinds of technical casting situations I get suckered into by rising Cutthroats. It has the backbone to reach across-stream to an unwadable lie, or boss a dry/dropper combination, or humanely land the occasional big Brown surprise. Brush Creek Cane offers an exceptional value American-made rod not outmatched in quality or performance by the few remaining well-known outfits still building bamboo rods in the good old USA.

Barbara Luneau // Acting President of St Vrain Chapter of Trout Unlimited

Frank, I just want to let you know how much I admire and appreciate your craftsmanship. I was so excited to get out and try your bamboo rod this weekend. We went up to the Big T both Sat and Sun to play with your rod, and it was a delight. I “made” Mark go fishing on Sun afternoon just to look for rising fish. Hooked into one on the second cast on Sun!! What a thrill. Mark has already made a no lead rule. So when the fish stopped rising, I tied on a pheasant tail and put on a bit of Biostrike and kept catching fish. Little does he realize that I’m just going to want to go where we can enjoy this rod for a while!!

7' 3" PHY Driggs River Special

Bryan Powell // Longmont, CO

I recently received my 7′ 3″ for a 4wt Brush Creek Cane rod. Its based on the Paul Young “Driggs River Special” taper. The rod is darkly flamed and wrapped in medium brown silk thread with black tipping for an understated, “classically elegant” (Frank’s words) look. It is finished with blued hardware, agate stripping guide, sliding-band Thuya Burl spacer, and cigar style cork grip. The craftsmanship is flawless.

The rod is not only beautiful, but more importantly, throws a DT4 like butter. This particular taper also translates the fight of the fish from the tip all the way to the butt section. There is a tremendous amount of “feel” in this rod.

I’ve had the opportunity to fish it several times in the last couple of weeks. The first time out was on the Frying Pan. The Drake’s were coming off like mini-helicopters and the fish were rising to them with authority. It was a truly memorable day of fishing that I’ll not soon forget and the new bamboo rod helped make it so.

…But what I really had the rod built for was RMNP. The Park is mostly made up of small pocket water streams that require accurate little reach casts, roll casts and the like. More often than not, you’re fishing with 3-4 feet of fly line + the leader. This rod has the delicacy for these “small water” places and is the perfect length for the Park. (Can’t wait to get back out there tomorrow.)

The Driggs has become my “go-to” rod of choice wherever I go… especially if I don’t know the water or weather conditions that day. I routinely pack it first and then add other cane rods as necessary. This particular taper is the closest thing to an “all-around” bamboo rod as I’ve found.

If you have not had the pleasure of meeting Frank, get down to the Laughing Grizzly Fly Shop in Longmont to watch him work. But be careful… a new bamboo rod might be in your future. :)