Rod Building Testimonials

Frank teaches a fantastic class!  He expertly guided me through each step of the rod making process, and patiently explained each step, often several times, until I felt comfortable that I understood it.  It would have taken years to learn by trial and error, what Frank taught in this class, and he made some very long days thoroughly enjoyable. Great class, great instructor! I think Frank was as pleased as I was when I signed my ‘class project’ rod.

Thanks all,
Mike McClain


What was a 2009 Christmas present from my wife Ebbie and some clever advise from some great friends in Dave Mosnik and Rick Takahashi, has become more than a gift of thought, action and unconditional love. It’s downright priceless. The Garrison 202 E 7′ 4 Wt. is about 12 hours removed from it’s inaugural cast and Greenback Cutt. Only one thing or person could perfect this dream…Frank Drummond fishing along-side on the maiden voyage.

I’ve had the opportunity to build dozen’s of fly rods, but Frank’s one-on-one class is the real deal! I’ve laughed, listened to some great music, worked hard (that’s good), learned tons, thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Frank, making new friends at the Laughing Grizzly and building something from grass that is from China…a world and half away. You want a special impressionistic moment? Build yourself a split cane bamboo fly rod made in the good old U.S.A…under the direction and guidance of Frank Drummond. You won’t have any regrets!

Tight Lines,
David Sanchez


Recently I became interested in fly fishing. I have a “glass” rod, and was doing OK with it. When I tried one of my son’s bamboo fly rods, I really liked the action and feel. I knew I had to have one, and I didn’t want to by an “off-the-shelf” rod. I decided to build a Paul Young Driggs River 7”3” fly rod with the help of Frank Drummond.

Frank’s class is unique because he teaches the art of fly rod making on a one-to-one basis. He states that you will be building your own rod. He teaches you the steps and lets you do it yourself. If you are having troubles, he is there to guide you all the way. He set up a schedule that ensured a pace that allowed sufficient time to complete each stage of the rod building. As a student, I wanted to “get the rod built” ASAP. Frank insisted on quality. That’s the difference between a “hand-made” bamboo rod and an “off- the- shelf” rod. You need time, patience and a good teacher. The time I put into put into the building of the rod was very relaxing and rewarding.

Doing the hand planing of the tip and butt end sections of the rod was both tedious and satisfying. I couldn’t believe how small you could hand plane a piece of bamboo! Once you complete the planing, you now have to glue it all together. This to me was one of the most exciting times because you now see it all come together. After sanding the glue off, I got the first look at the final shape. At this point, all I wanted to do was finish it up and try it out. Of course Frank kept me on track and assured me that I would have plenty of time for fishing once it was completed.

I am somewhat of a perfectionist and of course I want my first rod to equal one of Frank’s rods. Well it will take me a few years to even come close! But, I am extremely happy and proud of my fly rod. Frank definitely has the skills, patience (especially with me) and the desire to teach building hand-made rods that will last a lifetime. I asked Frank lots of questions from cane selection to fishing techniques in the Rockies, and he answered them all completely and enthusiastically. It was a thrill and a pleasure to build a bamboo fly rod with him.

Hal Powell